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come on everybody!
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Random from ...from my own creations

Contests, Trades or simply gifts, here I feature the works that others have done about my own OCs & universe. Thanks a lot !

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deviation in storage by MuttInkDreams
When I feel like bored, or when I got no inspiration, I just browse the recent deviations. If I find something looking cool, I look at the author's gallery, and then I pick some nice piece of art to fav'. I just don't do it randomly, believe it.



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Aug 27, 2014
5:11 pm
Aug 27, 2014
3:38 pm
Aug 27, 2014
7:55 am
Aug 27, 2014
4:47 am
Aug 26, 2014
8:48 am


Je vois que c'est aussi vivant que chez moi =D
Mon Jul 21, 2014, 3:19 AM
Well, it doesn't matter a lot, we aren't saying that much interesting stuff XD
Thu May 16, 2013, 2:00 AM
C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER. Because I don't know any French. ;_;
Wed May 15, 2013, 6:04 PM
Euh... oui ?
Tue Jan 22, 2013, 6:07 AM
La pub c'est mortelle pour les neurones! Mais faut assumer ses réfs ^^
Tue Jan 22, 2013, 5:02 AM
Roh la la, référence culturelle foireuse:p
Tue Jan 22, 2013, 3:21 AM
M'en fout je l'aurais un jour! Je l'aurais!
Mon Jan 21, 2013, 7:14 PM
Ah dommage :D
Mon Jan 21, 2013, 2:23 AM
Raté mince! À 5557!
Sun Jan 20, 2013, 1:41 PM
Je surveille ta page depuis mon portable depuis 3 jours!!! Si ça c'est pas de la motivation!
Sun Jan 20, 2013, 10:26 AM

--! Ask me (OC challenge) !--

Tue Aug 19, 2014, 3:21 AM

Someone told me about this, sounds a bit childish maybe ? But I found that could be a good challenge ; I got no time for working on heavy stuff these days, and no inspirations for sketches. This could help me improve some of my characters consistency, so why not ? I'll work on expressions, poses and uh... I'll let them answer by themselves, cause often, I'm not joking, they can be out of control... :ohnoes:

The idea is as follows :
 :bulletgreen: 1> You pick a character in my ref' gallery ==>…
 :bulletgreen: 2> You ask them a question. Anything that comes to your mind, just post that in the comment box
 :bulletgreen: 3> They'll answer to it in a one/two panel b&w comics

Depending on the quantity of questions I'll have, I'll make regularly answers, or maybe I'll delete this journal if I got no one :D

So far :

Ask Me #1 by EMP-83 Ask Me #2 by EMP-83 Ask Me #3 by EMP-83 Ask Me #4 by EMP-83 Ask Me #5 by EMP-83

EDIT : Oh wow I wasn't expecting several questions at once :D I will do them anyway, but please, don't send too much at the same time XD One by one may be enough, seeing my slowness at that time ;)

EDIT2 : If I don't answer to your messages, that means I'm working/I will work on this one ;)

My DeviantArt Story

Thu Aug 7, 2014, 5:20 AM

(Before starting that, did you ever noticed the reference about the text that is displayed on top of each journal entry ? The picture belonging to the design ?)

I see many friends doing this stuff, and I find it's a good way telling what I think about this place. Actually, back to October 2011, I never thought it would turn like that, creating an account on dA (actually my second one ; on the first one, I never posted a lot of stuff, I tend to do a lot of "false starts" with blogs and art galleries). For the fun fact, it was the first time I took on EMP as my screen name, cause I didn't want people I know from other places to find me here (the reason why I closed my first account).

So, I created a dA account to motivate me to work more, post more stuff, share my work. I was, like, doodling for a long time, and I wanted to speed up on this, and the least I can say, that was a good idea. I did huuuge progress -and that's not over yet, I hope, cause that aint good enough- thanks to the many friends here that took some interest in my stuff.

I want to thank many people, for two reasons : the first is that, without a community, a website like dA is just nothing ; the second is that, without all of these many interactions I had the past few years, I would probably have left an empty hole instead of this gallery. So, yeah, let's hope I forget no one ! Let's see what did happen since I'm here :

:bulletgreen: I'll always remember my first watchers, :iconshadessagacious: :iconlunaticmao: :iconkawaiishi: :iconbrodom: :iconthechaosblue: ,  the ones that first posted feedback on my work ; a lot of you aren't around anymore, but know that I'm still following your works ;)

:bulletgreen: I worked hard on an OCT on :iconbwarchtor:, despite the fact that the disease stroked hard this year, permitting me to understand more deeply what comic-art means. Thanks to :icongeocaecias: , who always had a look on my work, and whose critics helped me to carry on ; thanks to all the people that participated too, :iconsarcausticmaster: :icongregor-lives: :iconcaptain-varro: and the others, managing to make the universe of TXP more consistent and attractive

:bulletgreen: I met IRL other artists from France, and that was the first time I made the link between my artistic work and people that weren't behind a screen, :iconlethao: (with whom I'm currently working on a French OCT, :iconevasion-oct::iconlabetenwar: :iconcyrkael: :iconcrankmaker: :iconatsumimag: :iconmerlyn-wood:  :iconanorya: :iconjr-t: :iconspacesam: and all the other people, I can't remember everyone I met. Thanks to :iconsatania: and :iconzeldadreams: for managing this cool group that is :icondeviantmeet-paris:

Paris Official devMEET 2012 by Nile-Paparazzi
( yeah, I'm somewhere on the picture, and no, I won't tell you where... Those who knows, please don't spoil x: )

:bulletgreen: I met too people with awesome artworks, artists with really cool skills, with whom I sometimes exchange words about stuff not necessarily related to art. I'm so shy IRL that's a mystery how I could just have talked to you in the first place.

:iconmeoagcat: thanks for sharing my art so frequently Meow :3 I'll repay it one day, when I'll find how
:icondrawitout: you shouldn't worry that much about your art, it always rocked (btw, I don't remember if I already told you, but I would never had started doing anthro art before founding your gallery)
:iconsleyf: I'm so jelly of your skills :o (Eek) I know I should comment more on your stuff, but I feel really inferior and never have anything to say XD
:iconthehappylandfill: It would never have been the same if I never would have met you ; I wish you a lot of mimes in a near future :D

Midnight by MeoAgcatI, by drawitoutIllst - Viaticum by SleyfMy Bloody Valentine by TheHappyLandfill

:bulletgreen: And still, I'm watching a lot of great artists that are so under-exposed ; I wish I would not be so scared to death about social interactions, but if you're passing by, know that your works have inspired me at some point or another. I'll find a way to climb up to your level one day...

Freelancer chapter 2 by FeloniusMonkanguish by Goat13Snake by lorenzolamassBDB Inks by endsharkGul by onnos

:bulletgreen: I feel like a moron having written all of this indegestible block of text, but that was sincere ; I hope all of you guys will find your way through this harsh world.

I hope to stay another few years if I can

Thanks for reading. Thanks for everything



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Hey, I'm a French illustrator, and I decided to live for art instead of eating \o/ Don't hesitate to talk to me, I don't bite.

:skullbones: I don't really do requests, and I just do not do porn/fetish/crude artworks, so no need to bother me with that. :skullbones:
If you find me wimpy for that, well... I just do what I want to do. If I say "no" it's because it does not interests me.

If I give you a fave, that's because I really enjoyed your work. As you can see, I'm not the kind to click randomly. No need to thank me in the comment. but you still do, as I can see, that's ok =p

If I give you a Lama, that's generally because I saw you scavenging through my stuff regularly :D

Tumblr :
Picarto :…

Music Time

:skull:State of the Union - Timerunner:skull:

:skull:Cenobita - Slaves:skull:

Some young artists I am looking at have some clumsy art styles that could be corrected in easy ways (body proportions understanding, basic lining skills to acquire) but... I always feel uncomfortable about talking about it, cause it feels sooo patronizing 

13 deviants said I've found a way to tell them that isn't harsh or rude
10 deviants said I wait until they ask what is wrong about their art (note that my own thought about it, is that you're rarely aware that there are things wrong)
7 deviants said I've never felt patronizing about telling them that kind of things
4 deviants said I never dare saying that kind of stuff
1 deviant said I tell them anyway, and they can go f*** themselves if they take it badly
No deviants said I don't give a shit about young artists, so I don't care


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